June 10 - November 14, 2020

Regarding COVID-19

Hi Full Platers,

Strange times are upon us. As I try to find moments of calm and identify all that I appreciate in this world I have found myself so grateful to be a part of the Full Plate (and Ithaca!) communities where folks are willing and eager to uplift each other and offer support in times of need.

We wanted to take a moment to offer (as many others have) our acknowledgement of the challenges our community is facing and to reiterate our commitment to you as our friends, neighbors and members. Our farms are still working in preparation for the coming growing season. Now more than ever, we hold close to our intention of providing abundant, nourishing food to you all through and beyond this pandemic.
That is to say, the summer share is being planned for usual and we hope we can offer you a bit of peace in these uncertain times by offering food security through our usual 23 week summer season beginning in June.

But we are aware that that time is a ways off. So, 

we are putting together boxed fruit and vegetable shares for purchase on an individual basis

  • These boxes will be available for home delivery in Ithaca/Tburg or for pickup
  • They are open to EVERYONE regardless of Full Plate Membership
  • We will be sure to take appropriate sanitation precautions when handling your food.
  • Each share is supersized - nearly 20# of veggies!
  • First delivery is Thursday 2/26. SOLD OUT
  • We tentatively plan to send our next share on Thursday 4/2. WAITLIST CLOSED - sign up opening via newsletter soon!
  • Join our newsletter (at the right side of the page) to stay up to date on offerings!
  • We do not anticipate having enough produce to offer another share after this.
  • If you reserved a share for Thursday 3/26 please DO NOT sign up for a 4/2 share

We hope this offering gives you peace of mind and that the infusion of fresh produce into your homes will give you the immune support we all need right now.

For those vulnerable or immune compromised, please remember that we offer delivery to homes in the city of Ithaca and the village of Trumansburg. 

For those worried about affording shares due to loss of income, please be in touch and we can discuss options for accessibility. Our one time vegetable shares and full season shares can be subsidized 50% thanks to Healthy Food For All.

Be well,
The Full Plate

Molly, Nathaniel, Emily, Lucy, Chaw, our families and our farm crews

Keeping your plates full since 2005!

The Full Plate Farm Collective is a multi-farm organic CSA in Ithaca, NY. Comprised of founding members Remembrance Farm, Stick & Stone Farm, The Youth Farm Project (formerly Three Swallows), and a small network of other local growers, we grow over 50 acres of organic vegetables which we offer through summer and winter CSA shares in the Ithaca area. 

Our farms share the vision of building community, farming with integrity, and growing high quality food with fair prices for all involved. Learn more about our collective vision here.


Going on vacation?

We welcome you to hold your share and double up later in the season - you just have email Molly by Monday of the week you'll be away

How to get your veggies

wondering where and when to pickup your box? check group site details below or email Molly with questions

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"What a delight it was to find our first CSA delivery on our doorstep yesterday! My 15year old son who is a bit hard to please in the fresh produce department had already torn through two giant apples and a peach when I got home, exclaiming how delicious they were. The other box was overflowing with beautiful, GORGEOUS veggies and I instantly felt the impact of the value of this share... The quality and quantity surpassed all my expectations and I can't wait to eat it all up!"