Bulk Fruit Offerings

here's how it works

when a fruit becomes available for harvest...

we will share pricing and order forms via our weekly newsletter (sent on Tuesdays)

this is the only place we will advertise bulk buying opportunities

you must order ahead via our google forms

these easy forms will be in the newsletter while ordering is open

we cannot guarantee on-the-spot purchasing opportunities

you can pay with CASH or CHECK only

please bring payment with you when you come to pickup your fruit

checks should be made out to Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl

pickup options

Stick & Stone Farm  -  Wed 3-7pm

Pressbay Alley  -  Thurs 4-7pm

Youth Farm Project @ Three Swallows Farm  -  Sat 10am-2pm

frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a Full Plate/Fruit Bowl member to order?   /   No, anyone can order!

Can I get delivery to my home or group pickup site?   /   No, pickup only

Can I pay by card?   /   No, we accept cash or check only

How do I get notified?   /   You must subscribe to the Full Plate newsletter listserv 

Though you don't need to be a member, there is not a separate email list for bulk fruit interest

thank you for understanding that these policies help us keep our inputs (and therefore our costs to you!) low and manageable

each year we hope to offer...

these offerings are subject to seasonal changes and challenges which may affect the availability of crops year to year


Ordering in late July and early August

Blueberries - organic

Ordering in late July and early August

Sweet Cherries

Ordering in mid-late July

Tart Cherries

Ordering in mid-late July

Pitted Tart Cherries

Ordering in mid-late July, 10 or 30 pound buckets


Ordering in August

Concord Grapes

Ordering in September


Ordering in September

Strawberries - organic

Ordering in late June