Full Plate CSA Handbook

Read this handbook for our membership guidelines -  
COVID-19 safety instructions will be sent directly to each member via email and tailored to your pickup location
VEGGIE SHARE - June 10th - November 14th. 

FRUIT BOWL - June 17th - October 24th. 
No fruit distributions 7/1-7/4. Fruit handbook here

What you'll find below is our GENERAL HANDBOOK for all things CSA

For all things safety - keep your eyes on your inbox!
Those details are coming your way directly so you can't miss them - some have been sent, and more will come!

PLEASE NOTE: EVERY pickup location (farm/Press Bay pickups AND group sites) is being tailored to fit COVID-19 safety protocols and minimize contact These changes will reflect Department of Health recommendations for Farms, Farmers Markets and Grocery Stores

Changes will be communicated directly to members via email tailored to each specific pickup site - these emails will arrive in early June

NO MATTER WHERE YOU PICKUP - social distancing and masks are required as per NYS regulations!

above all we ask for you to read, remember, follow the rules, & help us keep each other safe!

Picking Up Your Share

Free Choice Pickups
summer CSA only

feel free custom pack for you/your family in whatever box or bags you have on hand, but keep this in mind and be respectful of those who follow you!

DO NOT take for canning, preserving, or sharing outside of the CSA, this keeps things fair to your farmers and fellow members
Your share size is not and cannot be larger because of Coronavirus - we know folks are stocking up these days but remember, we'll be here for you EVERY WEEK !

Trying bringing plastic bags or clamshells for carrying greens
 Thank you to the Youth Farm Project and Press Bay Alley for hosting us!

What's your pickup?
free choice pickup - summer only

Stick and Stone (Wed 3-7)

1605 Rt. 96 (Trumansburg Rd.)
Getting there: Drive or take TCAT Rt. 21Please leave the parking spaces closest to the door open for handicapped parking.  
Please NO DOGS.

Press Bay Geneva St Lot (Th 3-7)

Getting there: Walk or bike! Parking is available in nearby lots and on street (free parking on Geneva St.) It’s also one block away from the TCAT hub on Green St. in front of the library.

Youth Farm (Sat 10-2)

23 Nelson Rd.
Getting there: Drive or take TCAT Rt. 65 and ask to get off at Nelson Rd. Parking is available in the gravel parking lots by the barn and across the street. Please DO NOT park on the road.

Expecting a boxed share?
Home & Group Site Box Delivery

Sanitize besfore entering your pickup space and have a mask with you!
Touch only your box!
Then... RETURN YOUR BOXES to your site each week!! They are EXPENSIVE! We will quarantine them separately until safe to re-use.

Your box will be delivered to your home or group site weekly on Thursday by 3pm 

Veggie boxes say "Fresh Vegetables" and fruit boxes say "Fresh Herbs"

Most group sites are self serve - just check your name off the list!  Some keep your share behind the counter - just ask! And some offer curbside pickup only - call at arrival. For procedure details, hours and locations visit our group site details page.

If you have instructions for where to leave your box please email Molly. Tip: leave a cooler out to keep your perishables fresh.

Your share is packed in a waxed box - it is re-usable but not recyclable. 
Please gently unfold boxes with out ripping tabs and return them to your pick up site the following week.

It may take a few weeks to streamline the route so please be patient and call 607-379-2866 or email if there is a problem with your share on delivery day. We'll make sure to get it to you ASAP!

Missed Shares, Vacation & "Switcheroo" Policy

if you can't make your pickup.....

...you have options!  


1. Go to another day's pick up 
    no need to email Molly
    free choice only
     Sign the Switcheroo sheet (pictured), then check in with Molly about limited crops. 
     You must go to another pickup within the week of the share you miss.

2. Have a friend or house-sitter pick up your share 
     no need to email Molly
      introduce the CSA concept to a friend!  

3. Give your share to the food pantry
     email Molly to have your share donated!

4. Hold your share and double up another week,
     you must email Molly by Monday at 5pm of the week you will be away to do this.
     you may not double a share unless you notified us to hold (not harvest for) the share you miss.

if you just forget and miss a week...

You may not get a replacement share

If you do not notify us not to harvest for you in advance, we cannot harvest double for you later.

We will hold up our end of the CSA by harvesting for you every week, it is your responsibility to collect your produce OR let us know by Monday at 5pm not to harvest for you.  

U-Pick Gardens

ALL members are welcome to harvest from all u-picks for NO additional charge. 

Here's how it works...

  • open 7 days a week during daylight hours
  • Remember to bring scissors and containers no commun
  • If you borrow scissors please return them!
  • NO DOGS!


(1605 State Rt 96, Ithaca)

Note: Heidi & Peter the big white dogs are roaming free range


(23 Nelson Rd, Danby)

be sure you are in the Full Plate u-pick not the Youth Farm fields - if you are unsure just ask! learn more about the Youth Farm here.


(110 W Green St) 

open to the public! a partnership with Press Bay Alley and the Tompkins Cortland Solidarity Garden Project


Fruit Bowl members are welcome to harvest the raspberries, black raspberries and currants at Stick and Stone (these are open to Full Plate members too)

If you are not in the veggie CSA you may not harvest the herbs/veggies/flowers at Stick and Stone or the Youth Farm as these are maintained by Full Plate



When you join a CSA you make a commitment to pay your farms for the entire season. 

Installment Plans
Payments are due on 6/15, 7/15, 8/15 and 9/15. Deposit sue at sign up. All payments are $120 (or $56 for HFFA members). 
Tip: Send all of your checks at once with the above dates. We will file them and deposit them on or after the date written on the check.
DO NOT just stop paying and expect we will cancel your share - unless you communicate directly we will expect your payment each month

How to pay

When possible, we prefer to avoid PayPal fees so that all funds go to the farms and stay in our community. 

Please send your check(s) to:

     Full Plate Farm Collective

     PO Box 6898

     Ithaca, NY 14851

What if I am having trouble making my payments or my circumstances have changed?

Life happens, we get it! Please call or email Molly sooner than later - we can work together and figure something out. 

Your agreement with us is for the entire season, DO NOT just stop coming and expect that we will stop counting on you to pay for your share - just be in communication and we'll work it out :)


Side Dish CSAs

Please contact our local partners directly with any questions about the side dish CSAs or holding these shares:

Wide Awake Bakery  /  Double E Mushrooms  / Snow Farm Creamery / Remembrance Farm Dairy