Full Plate Collective CSA Handbook

Hello Friends, Please scan this handbook for our membership guidelines (site hours/locations, vacation policy, u-pick, payments, etc). It's a helpful spot to look when you have questions. If you can't find what you're looking for feel free to be in touch with any questions. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you this week!

Full Plate and all Side Dishes are still accepting members. 

VEGGIE SHARE - Starts in June and continues through November 

FRUIT BOWL -  June through October

Farm and Pressbay Pickup Details
Summer CSA only!

Bring your own bags - The size of our share is approximately a brown paper grocery bag but people custom pack in whatever box or bags they have on hand. Re-used plastic bags and clamshells work great for carrying and storing greens. If you have a big stash of bags, please bring them to the farm and leave them for other members to use.

1605 Rt. 96
Wednesdays 3-7pm
Find us in the barn  or on the grass north of the barn. Please leave the parking spaces closest to the door open for handicapped parking.  Please NO DOGS.
Getting there: Drive or take TCAT Rt. 21

116 West Green St.
Thursdays 4-7pm
Find us outside at in Press Bay Alley! 
Getting there: Walk or bike! Parking is available in two nearby lots and on the street (including free 2 hour parking on the next block on Geneva St.) It’s also one block away from the TCAT hub on Green St. in front of the library.

24 Nelson Rd., off 96b
Saturdays 10am-2pm 
Find us in the first barn on your left
Getting there: Drive or take TCAT Rt. 65 and ask to get off at Nelson Rd. Parking is available in the gravel parking lots by the barn and across the street. Please DO NOT park on the road .

 Thank you to the Youth Farm Project and Press Bay Alley for hosting us!

Boxed Share Details
Winter and some summer CSAs

Your box will be delivered weekly on Thursday by 3pm It may take a few weeks to streamline the delivery route so please be patient with us and email if there is a problem or your share is not there on delivery day. We'll make sure to track your it down and get it to you ASAP!

Most group sites are self serve - just check your name off the list! Some keep your share behind the counter. For details, hours and locations for your site visit our group details page.

If you have instructions for where to leave your box please email me. Consider leaving a cooler out to keep your perishables fresh.

Your share is packed in a waxed box - it is re-usable but not recyclable. Please gently unfold boxes with out ripping tabs and return them to your pick up site the following week.

Side Dish CSAs

Please contact our local partners directly with any questions about the side dish CSAs:

Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl 

Wide Awake Bakery

Black Pearl Creamery

Double E Mushrooms

Hi Bar Chocolate

Switcheroos & Vacation Policy

FARM PU MEMBERS (Stick & Stone, Pressbay & 3 Swallows/Youth Farm Project) 
1. Go to another day's pick up (no need to email Molly) and sign the Switcheroo sheet. Please check in with Molly about limited crops if it is not your regular pick up.
2. Have a friend or house-sitter pick up your share & introduce the CSA concept to a friend!  
3. Give your share to the food pantry, all extras at the end of the distribution will be donated!
4. Hold your share and double up another week, you must email Molly by Monday at 5pm of the week you will be away to do this. (Limit 3x per season)

BOX SHARE MEMBERS (Group & Home/Office Delivery) - 
2. Have a friend or house-sitter pick up your share & introduce the CSA concept to a friend!  
3. Give your share to the food pantry,  contact Molly and she will arrange to have your share donated. 
4. Hold your share and double up another week, you must email Molly by Monday at 5pm of the week you will be away to do this. (Limit 3x per season)

U-Pick Gardens

All Full Plate vegetable CSA members are welcome to harvest from both locations any day of the week during daylight hours for NO additional charge. If you would like an orientation to the gardens, come by during distribution hours (Stick & Stone, Wed, 3-7 or 3 Swallows, Sat 10-2) and I can show you around. Remember to bring scissors and containers. Please NO DOGS!

STICK & STONE U-PICK GARDENS (1605 State Rt 96, Ithaca)
There are NOW THREE U-Pick Gardens at Stick & Stone. NEW location for the perennial garden is north of barn below Roadside Garden.  It comes in earlier in the season (flowers, chives, sage, etc). Later in the season Berry beds and a few types of peas are right behind the CSA barn. The rest of theannuals (flowers, tomatoes, herbs, hot peppers, etc) are in the Roadside Garden north of barn. Heidi the big white dog is tied up on Wednesday form 3-7 but free range the rest of the week. 


The 3 Swallows U-Pick Garden is grown by the Youth Farm Project on the opposite side of the street as the CSA barn. All the flowers, herbs, and tomatoes in this garden are annuals and could not be planted until all danger of frost has passed, therefore things wont be ready to harvest here until later in the season.

Payment Information

INSTALLMENT PLANS - Payments are due on the 15th of the month, the first payment is due on June 15th for summer. All payments are $120 (or $56 for HFFA members). 

Pay by check or pay online with a credit card. EBT payments can be made at Greenstar (send me your receipt for every EBT payment).

Thank you for paying by check! When possible, we prefer to avoid PayPal and credit card fees so that all funds generated go to the farms and stay in our community. Prices are listed herePlease send your check(s) made out to Full Plate Farm Collective to:

The Full Plate Farm Collective, LLC

PO Box 6898

Ithaca, NY 14851

Tip: Consider writing all of your checks at the start of the season dating each one for the 15th of each consecutive month. We will file them away and deposit them on or after the date written on the check.