Frequently Asked Questions


How much food is in one share?

Do you offer different share sizes? 

Do you offer half shares?

Can I split a share?

MISSING SHARES  -  vacations, schedule conflicts, etc.

Can I pickup somewhere other than my designated pick-up site?

What if I am late picking up my share?

Can someone else pickup my share?

What if my share isn't there?


When do I pick up my FREE CHOICE PICKUP share?

When do I pick up by BOXED SHARE?

What does my share come in?


What are the U-Pick hours?

Where are the U-picks and what's in them?

Can I use the U-Pick


How the heck do I open these boxes without ripping them?

What do I do with my old boxes?


Is there an Earlybird Discount

How much are monthly payments?

What if I am having trouble making my payments?

Why do you prefer checks?

Where do I mail checks?

My question wasn't answered... how do I get in touch with you?

Contact Molly at [email protected] or call 607.379.2866. She's happy to help!