Frequently Asked Questions

How much food is in one share?

QUANTITY - One share is meant to supply two adults or a family household for a week. Please DO NOT take food for canning and preserving. 

VARIETY - We work to give the best variety we can by including 8-10 vegetables each week. U-pick crops available in addition to the weekly share.

Do you offer different share sizes? 

We offer one size share. By offering only one share we are able to lower our administrative inputs and keep our costs to you lower!

Do you offer half shares and can I split a share?

To keep administrative costs low and keep things fair among members we do not sell half shares.

Can I split a share?

BOXES - You may split a boxed share as you please. 

FREE CHOICE - We strongly discourage share-splitting at free choice pickups. One of the beauties of our CSA is that members are encouraged to take whatever they need for that week on an honor system. We won't be able to continue to offer free choice pick-up if share-splitting occurs.

When do I pick up my FREE CHOICE PICKUP share?

Free choice farm pickups happen once a week at each location (Stick and Stone, Youth Farm Project and Press Bay Alley). See the Summer CSA page for details.

When do I pick up by BOXED SHARE?

Boxed shares are delivered on Thursdays. Please check on your group site to see the pickup deadline.

What does my share come in?

BOXES - Boxed shares come in reusable 5/9 bushel wax coated boxes.

FREE CHOICE - Free choice share size is about one paper grocery bag full but please pack in your own reusable bags!

Can I pickup somewhere other than my designated pick-up site?

YES - but please read on for specifics! We harvest before each pick-up and delivery day, and need to know how many to harvest for. 

FREE CHOICE - If something comes up last minute, just go to another day's pick up (no need to call or email Molly). Consider having a friend our house-sitter pick up your share. Or consider giving your share to the food pantry (this is the default).  

If none of those options work for you and you want to hold your share and double up another week, please email Molly by Monday at 5pm of the week you will be away.

BOXES - Please email Molly by Monday at 5pm of the week that you want to hold delivery. You may double up another week in the season. Consider having a friend our house sitter pick up your share. 

What if I am late picking up my share?

Be in communication! If you are a farm pickup member, call or email Molly (see bottom of page) and you can work out an alternate pickup time. If you use a Group Delivery Site, communicate with your site host directly!

Can someone else pickup my share?

Sure.  Just have them sign in under your name, and introduce themselves to Molly if they'll be picking up your share at the farm or Press Bay.  She'll show them the ropes. 

What if my share isn't there?

If you receive a delivery share, it comes boxed in a 1/2 bushel waxed box on Thursdays. If you do not receive one, please call Molly: 379.2866 We will make sure to get it to you!

How the heck do I open and break down these boxes without ripping them?!

Squeeze the top flap back until the tabs release from the side slits.  DO NOT PULL STRAIGHT UP ON THE BOX -  the food will wait for you!  If you are doing it right, it won't tear. When you are done, please flatten the box doing the same thing to the bottom of the box. 

What do I do with my box when I am done?

Your share is packed in a 1/2 bushel waxed box.  These boxes cost over a dollar a piece and are good for several uses if they are handled properly. When you're done please break down your box and leave it where you pick up your share. You're also welcome to drop them off at Stick and Stone Farm. We will reuse them for as long as we can! They are not recyclable at the curb b/c of the wax! Check out this VIDEO on how to break down a box.

What are the u-pick hours?

U-Pick is included in your share - there is no additional cost! We welcome all members to make use of the u-picks during daylight hours any day of the week. Bring sunscreen, garden gloves and your own container. Come during farm pickup times if you'd like Molly to show you around.

Where is the u-pick and what's in it?

Learn about the u-picks here.

Is there an earlybird discount?

For the summer CSA, we offer a $20 discount to returning members paying in full before March 31st. Or, forego your discount and we'll donate $20 to Healthy Food For All.

Where do I mail my payment?

Checks should be made out to Full Plate Farm Collect and mailed to:

Full Plate Farm Collective

PO Box 6898

Ithaca, NY 14850

NOTE: Checks for Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl should be MADE OUT TO Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl and sent to the same address.

How much is a monthly payment?

See the Summer CSA or Winter CSA page for payment information.

What if I am having trouble making my payments or my circumstances have changed?

Life happens, we get it! Please call or email Molly sooner than later - we can work together and figure something out. Your agreement with us is for the entire season, DO NOT just stop coming and expect that we will stop counting on you to pay for your share - just be in communication and we'll work it out :)

Why do you prefer checks?

We prefer checks so we can avoid credit card fees, meaning all of your money stays in the community and goes directly to our farmers.

My question wasn't answered... how do I get in touch with you?

Contact Molly at [email protected] or call 607.379.2866. She's happy to help!