Lucy (from Stick and Stone) and Molly work with several local orchards and vineyards to put together this local fruit share available for pickup or drop-off at all Full Plate sites! You don't need to be a Full Plate member to join Fruit Bowl!

      The summer fruit share may include strawberries, apricots, cherries, peaches, apples, pears, and more! 

The winter share may include apples, pears, frozen fruit, and other treats including jam, juice and cider.

Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl brings you

Summer Fruit CSA

18 shares  |  weekly  |  June 17 - Oct 24, 2020

(weekly sampler sized share* with a break the week of July  1-4th) 

Farm and Press Bay Pickup - $200 (just $11/week!)

Stick & Stone Farm  -  Wed 3-7

Pressbay Parking Lot @ Geneva & Green  -  Thurs 3-7

Youth Farm Project   -  Sat 10-2

Delivery - $250 (just $14/week!)
Delivery to your group delivery site  or your home/office within the city of Ithaca on Thursdays

*The amount of fruit varies throughout the season. Volume increases as the size of the fruit increases. Small fruits are expensive because of their labor-intensive harvest, as the fruit become larger, harvest is less laborious, so you'll get more!

For example, in one week you may get...
3 pints of strawberries in june  |  2 quarts of cherries in july  |  4-7 lbs of peaches, nectarines, apples from august onward (with many other fruits in between!)

Payment is due in full at sign up

Winter CSA

6 shares  |  Bi-Weekly  |  Dec. 3 2020 - Feb. 17 2021
(2 week break over the holidays)

In the winter, we pack up double-sized shares every other week, Each distribution includes 10-20(!) pounds of fresh fruit plus juices, jams and preserves

Farm Pickup - $210

Boxed share pickup at Stick and Stone, Remembrance or the Youth Farm

    Delivery - $230
Boxed share delivery to your group delivery site  or your home/office within the city of Ithaca on Thursdays

Payment is due in-full at sign up

Bulk Fruit Offerings

for freezing and preserving or just for snacking - bulk pricing available on most fruits we share in Fruit Bowl

You may order bulk fruit whether or not you're a Fruit Bowl member
you must follow our general Full Plate newsletter to get announcements and order forms for bulk fruit


Fruit Bowl members may pick the raspberries, black raspberries and currants at Stick and Stone Farm. 

The veggie, herb and flower fields are for Full Plate members only


the ORGANIC VS. LOCAL debate

The Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl includes organic and non-organic fruit. We source excellent quality local fruit from family farms that we think are doing a good job growing fruit in our challenging climate! We try and source as much organic fruit as possible (especially our strawberries & apples) but some of our partner farms use IPM (integrated pest management) so they may resort to pesticides when necessary.

If you have any questions or specific concerns please be in touch!


Fruit Bowl Handbook


Stick & Stone Farm on Wednesdays 3-7pm

Press Bay Alley on Thursdays 4-7pm

Youth Farm Project @ Three Swallows Farm on Saturdays 10am-2pm


Fruit bowl members may u-pick the berries at Stick and Stone Farm only 

(Raspberries, Black Raspberries and Red Currants)

all veggies, flowers and herbs are included with the Full Plate Veggie Share ONLY


Your box will be delivered weekly on Thursday by 3pm. Please email if there is a problem or your share is not there on delivery day. We'll make sure to get it to you ASAP!

Most group sites are self serve - just check your name off the list! Some keep your share behind the counter - just ask! For group site hours and locations visit our group details page.

If you have instructions for where to leave your box please email me
Summer tip: leave a cooler out to keep your perishables fresh.

Your box is re-usable but not recyclable. Please gently unfold boxes with out ripping tabs and return them to your pick up site the following week.


1. Go to another day's pick up - no gaurentees -Ask if there's enough fruit for you to switcheroo! Fruit numbers tend to be tighter than veg but we'll accomodate switcheroos whenever possible! You must go to another pickup within the week of the share you miss

2. Have a friend or house-sitter pick up your share & introduce the CSA concept to a friend!  

3. Give your share to the food pantry, all extras at the end of the distribution will be donated!

4. Hold your share and double up another week, you must email Molly by Monday at 5pm of the week you will be away to do this. (Limit 3x per season)