Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl ~ A sampling of fruit grown in our region

2019 Summer Fruit sign ups happening soon!

Each week from mid June -  through mid October  (18 weeks of fruit with a one week break for the July 4th Holiday) we will have your fresh fruit (and sometimes cider) available to pick up at the same time and location as you get your Full Plate share (Stick & Stone, Pressbay Alley, Three Swallows, a group delivery site, or home/office delivery within the City of Ithaca).  The 2019 growing season fruit share may include rhubarb, strawberries, apricots, cherries, peaches, plums, heirloom apples, pears, and some small berries as well.  The share includes organic and non-organic fruit. Payment is due in-full when you sign up. 

2019 season Fruit Bowl options:

  • Pick up at Stick & Stone on Wednesdays ($200 for 18 weeks)
  • Pick up at Pressbay Alley on Thursdays ($200 for 18 weeks)
  • Pick up at Three Swallows on Saturdays ($200 for 18 weeks)
  • Have the fruit delivered to your Full Plate group site along with your Full Plate veggie share ($250 for 18weeks)
  • Have the fruit delivered to your home/office address with your Full Plate veggie share on Thursdays ($250 for 18 weeks)

The amount of fruit varies throughout the season but in general the volume increases as the size of the fruit increases. That is, berries are expensive because there's a lot of labor involved and they're very perishable, so we tend to send out 2lb of strawberries for the strawberry weeks (they're organic though!) and then as the fruit become larger, it's correspondingly less labor-intensive, so people will get more peaches than cherries, and more apples than peaches. We tend to send out 5 or 6 pounds of apples in the fall - and the mix is entirely what's available. We mix the apples up with juice/cider/etc.

The Organic vs. Local Debate

The Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl includes organic and non organic fruit. We source excellent quality local fruit from family farms that we think are doing a good job growing fruit in our challenging climate! We try and source as much organic fruit as possible (especially our strawberries & apples) but some of our partner farms use IPM (integrated pest management) so they may resort to pesticides when necessary. If you have any questions or specific concerns please be in touch!

Sign up for your 2019 Summer Fruit here:

Step one: sign up form

Step two: confirm with payment

Pay by check

Thank you for paying by check! We prefer to avoid PayPal and credit card fees so that all funds generated go to the farms and stay in our community.

Please send your payment made out to:

Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl

c/o Full Plate Farm Collective

PO Box 6898

Ithaca, NY 14851

Pay online

Pickup and Delivery Options
Group or Home Delivery address

About the Winter Fruit Box !

Interested in receiving local fruit over the winter? Molly and Lucy coordinate a Winter Fruit Share. For the winter, we deliver 6 large boxes every other week (with a two week holiday break). Each distribution includes approximately 10 pound of fresh fruit (several different varieties of apples and pears), frozen fruit, and other treats including jam, dried fruit,  fresh cranberries, juice, or cider (share size example picture to the left). 

  • Winter 2018-19 dates are 12/6, 12/20, 1/10, 1/24, 2/7, and 2/21. 
  • Cost is $210 for farm PU and $230 for group/home delivery

The share can be delivered alongside your vegetable share or ordered separately. All shares will be available for pick-up by midday on Thursdays. Sites are self serve. The share includes organic and non-organic fruit though we do our best to source organic fruit (especially apples and our frozen strawberries). 

Payment is due in-full when you sign up.