Group Delivery Site Details - Thank You to our generous community hosts!!!

Getting your share...

  • Most group sites are self serve, just check your name off the list and grab your box. Some sites ask that you ask for your box at the counter
  • Most sites do not have refrigeration so picking up early is the best way to assure your share is fresh! 
  • Delivery times are our best estimate and may change slightly due to route & weather. 
  • It may take us a few weeks to streamline the delivery route as the season starts so be patient with us if there is a problem with your share. 
  • If you are missing one of your shares on delivery day, call or email Molly. We'll make sure to get it to you on Thursday or Friday at the latest.  

When, where and how....

sites listed alphabetically

Cayuga Heights Neighborhood 

Open to Public  |  Self Serve  |  Private residence  |  No Winter Delivery

412 Highland Rd. Thursday 3-9pm. 

Front Porch. If an emergency comes up and you cannot PU your share on Thursday night call James at (607) 262-0634 to see if they can hold it till Friday morning.


Closed to General Public  |  Self Serve

1050 Craft Rd. Thursday 3-5pm. Entryway near welcome desk. 

East Hill Office Building (EHOB) 
Open to Public  |  Self Serve
395 Pine Tree Rd. Thursday 3-5pm Friday 7am-noon. 
Kitchen near front door. Other farm shares are distributed here so be sure you take from the Full Plate stack. 

Fall Creek Neighborhood 

Open to Public  |  Self Serve  |  Private Residence

102 Franklin Street (corner of Short St.) Thursday 3-9pm. Friday 8am-12pm. 

Shares are kept on mudroom - entrance off Short St. Text Sue at (607) 279 - 7437 if something comes up. 

Fingerlakes ReUse 

Open to Public  |  Self Serve

2255 N Triphammer Rd. Thursdays 3-9pm. Friday 9am - Noon. 

Shares in atrium near ReUse entrance.  

Main Street Market
Open to Public  |  Ask at Counter
21 E Main St, Trumansburg. Thursday 9am-7:30pm. 
Shares can be picked up at the counter. Please specify if you are getting a veg or fruit share or both

Greenstar Collge Town 

Open to Public  |  Self Serve

307 College Ave. Thursday 3pm-9pm

In back of store in front of community bulletin board (across from the walk in cooler)

Eco Village 
Open to Public  |  Self Serve  |  Winter Only
300 Rachel Carson Way Thursday 3pm-10m. Friday until noon.  
Shares near coat racks in TREE Common House

Hasbrouck Apartments 

Open to Hasbrouck Residents  |  Self Serve

Community Center. Thursday 3pm till Friday at noon

Shares will be in Mail Room

Human Ecology/Forest Home Garage 

Open to Public  |  Self Serve

37 Forest Home Drive. Thursday 3pm - Friday 5pm

Forest Home Garage - Level 1 on Right against yellow wall near bike racks

Ithaca/Tompkins County Convention and Visitors Bureau 

Open to public  |  Self Serve

904 E Shore Dr. Thursday 3-5pm, Friday 9am-12pm.  

Shares are located in lobby. You may call 272-1313 if you want to PU after 5 on Thursday and they will move your box into the 24hr vestibule. 

Lab of Ornithology 

Closed to General Public  |  Self Serve

159 Sapsucker Woods Rd. Thursday 3-8pm. Friday until noon. 

Shares are left in Shipping & Receiving

Mama Goose & Mimi's Attic 
Open to Public  |  Self Serve
430 W State St. Thursday 3-6 pm. Friday until noon. 
The hallway on the West side of Mimi’s Attic and behind Mama Goose

Manndible Cafe, Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University

Open to Public  |  Ask at Counter

Thursdays 3-5pm (8pm during winter). Friday until noon. 

Shares can be picked up at the counter. Please specify if you are getting a veg or fruit share or both.


Open to the Public  |  Ask at Counter

423 Franklin St. Thursday 3-7pm. 

Shares can be picked up at the counter. Please specify if you are getting a Full Plate veg or Fruit Bowl share or both.

Press Bay Court 
Open to Public  |  Self Serve  |  Box shares is winter only (summer is Free Choice in alley)
116 West Green St. Thursday 3-7pm. Friday 8-noon. 
Hallway with shares is third door on the right in Press Bay Court between Bramble and Hair Color Art

South Hill Neighborhood

Open to Public  |  Self Serve  |  Private Residence

316 Columbia St. Thursdays from 3-10pm. Friday 8am-6pm.

Typically, if there are still shares unclaimed by the time they go to sleep, Mike & Jean will send out an email reminder and close up the garage for the night.  Shares are in garage (behind house -- not visible from street, but just walk or drive down driveway and turn left)

Sparrows Fine Wines 

Open to Public  |  Self Serve

726 W Green St. Thursdays 3-9pm. Friday 10am- 6pm. 

Tasting area which is inside the window facing Fulton Street

Stewart Little Coop (College Town)  

Open to Public  |  Self Serve

211 Stewart Ave. - on the corner of Stewart Ave. and Buffalo St. Thursday 3pm - 9pm.

Shares are left in the vestibule. If you are late or would like to PU the next day call Jamie on Thursday (before 11pm) at 732-690-6988

Vet Research Tower (VRT) 

For VRT staff and students  |  Self Serve

Thursday 3pm - Friday at noon. 

Shares are located in the back hall on 1st floor behind Lecture Hall 3

Please gently unfold boxes with out ripping tabs and return to your pick up site the following week

we reuse them!!