Healthy Food for All 2018-19 Winter CSA shares

Looking for general Winter CSA info?  It's here.

Step one: sign up form

Step two: confirm with payment

pay by check

Please send your payment made out to "Full Plate Farm Collective" to:

Full Plate Farm Collective

PO Box 6898

Ithaca, NY 14851

Installment planners: you may mail in your deposit and predated monthly payments all at once!  This way you don’t have to remember to send in your payments and we don't have to pay credit card fees.  So, upon joining you send in 5 checks, one with the current date for $61, and 4 more dated with the installment due dates for $54 each. Molly will process the deposit check, file the 4 subsequent checks, and then process them on the dated installment date.
***Please note, the Early Bird Discount does not apply to installment plans!

pay online via PayPal

pay in full

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installment plan

Please choose a pick-up or delivery option:

pay with cash or EBT

Please contact us to learn how! Molly: 607.379.2866 or [email protected] . Please save and send me your receipt for every EBT payment.