Shares are priced on a sliding scale depending on your pickup or delivery location


Payment Plans to make our share work on your budget & timeline

Healthy Food For All offers subsidized share prices to SNAP/WIC eligible households

Season Pricing


starting at $25 / week!  
 pay in full
installment plans include $20 fee
Farm or Pressbay Pickup  (Free Choice)
 $115 deposit + four $120 payments
 Group Site Delivery  (Box Share)
 $145 deposit + four $120 payments
 Home/Office Delivery  (Box Share)
 $205 deposit + four $120 payments
Healthy Food For All  (any delivery)
 $63 deposit + four $56 payments


Starting at $27 / week
boxes only
 pay in full
 installment plans include $10 fee
 Farm Pckup (Box Share)
 $135 deposit + two $105 payments
  Group Site Delivery  (Box Share)
 $155 deposit + two $105 payments
 Home/Office Delivery  (Box Share)
 $185 deposit + two $105 payments
Healthy Food For All  (any delivery)
  $55 deposit + two $55 payments

full year - $1200

With Community Supporter Shares one payment supports our farmers year round! $1200 covers your summer and winter  shares (choose any pick-up option), a bonus spring box of veggies, and a tax deductible donation of $100 to Healthy Food for All.


How to Pay

Pay in Full

Pay your farmers up front for seeds and pre-harvest labor!

Or pay at once for the full year with the Community Supporter Share

Installment Plans

Payments are due:
6/15, 7/15, 8/15 and 9/15. 

Please mail in your monthly payments all at once! 

This way you don’t have to remember to send in your payments and we don't have to pester you. Molly will deposit them on installment dates. 


(1)  Deposit with current date 

($115-$205 sliding scale based on delivery method 

or $63 for HFFA members)

(2-5) Payments dated 6/15, 7/15, 8/15, 9/15

 ($120 or $56 for HFFA)

Checks - preferred!

When possible, we prefer to avoid PayPal fees so all funds go to the farms and stay in our community

Make checks payable to:

Full Plate Farm Collective

PO Box 6898

Ithaca, NY 14851


Please note that each share on paypal costs us $10-20 in fees

AT SIGN UP Pay in full or make your deposit

EBT at GreenStar

EBT payments can be made to Full Plate at Greenstar 

send me your receipt for every EBT payment so I know you've paid! Greenstar does not send this information to us

making it affordable

Subsidized Shares

for SNAP/WIC eligible families through Healthy Food For All

Installment Plans

paid in 5 installments through the season

Worktrade Positions

Help in u-picks or at distribution- get a share. details here.