available for pickup alongside your Full Plate share!

The Full Plate Farm Collective is happy to collaborate with other local food producers to offer members access to local fruit, bread, pastured meat, mushrooms, eggs, and prepared foods. All Side Dishes can be picked up at the farm distributions (Stick & Stone, Pressbay, & 3 Swallows) but only some can be delivered alongside your vegetable share. Please see their individual websites to sign up for their CSA programs!


Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl

Interested in receiving a weekly share of fresh, local fruit in addition to your vegetable share? Enjoy all the sweet tastes of the Finger Lakes - we start with strawberries and end with pear and apple season - with lots of peaches, cherries, kiwi- berries, plums, apricots, and blueberries in between! Winter shares also available!

Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl is available for pick-up and delivery.

Remembrance Farm Dairy

the 100% organic, grass fed and biodynamic Remembrance Farm Dairy is officially up and running! Woohoo!! Sign up now...
$60 - ½ gallon weekly
$120 - 1 gallon weekly
for 8 weeks of raw milk

Due to New York regulations around raw milk, the milk is only available for pickup at Remembrance Farm in Trumansburg

Remembrance Farm Meat

Remembrance Farm is selling organic, grass-fed, biodynamic beef and lamb from our farm in T-burg. We are offering smaller boxes of meat with a variety of cuts that you can fit into your freezer....

10 lb box for $100  //  25 lb box for $225

Beef box...  a mix of steaks, stew, ground, small roasts,short ribs, and soup bones.
Lamb box... a mix of chops, kabobs, ground, a rack and leg roasts.

Due to New York regulations around meat it is only available for pickup at Remembrance Farm in Trumansburg



Double E Mushrooms

Mike and Jennifer Edmondson of provide Full Plate members with great shiitake mushrooms. This year the share runs twelve weeks and includes 12 ounces (3/4 lb) of fresh log-grown shiitake mushrooms weekly.  

Available at farm pick-ups and for delivery.

Hi-Bar Chocolate

Receive delicious, gourmet chocolate bars once a week!

The rotating selections will include single origin chocolate bars, exciting new flavors, and special limited edition bars, all hand-crafted from bean-to-bar in Ithaca, NY.

Wide Awake Bakery

become a CRUST FUND member!

Wide Awake Bakery is an award-winning Community Supported Bakery in nearby Mecklenburg where we (Stefan, Nick, Cap, Jordan, and Liz) bake real bread in our unique wood-fired oven. We work in partnership with Oechsner Farms and Farmer Ground Flour to bring you fabulous and delicious bread, cookies, pastries, granola, and pasta made from the finest locally grown and ground organic grains. Yes! Bread!

Shares available at farm pick-ups or for delivery. A la carte bread available at free-choice distributions.

Foxi Flora

Foxi Flora is offering a Flower CSA!  Sign up for 15 week share or consider 10 week & 5 week options.  One time bouquets also offered as requested! 

Black Pearl Creamery yogurt is no longer available, we encourage you to follow Lauren and Kevin of Black Pearl on their new journey at Main Street Market in Trumansburg.