side dish CSAs

We are happy to collaborate with local food producers to offer our members access to fruit, yogurt, bread, meat, mushrooms, and more

available for pickup alongside your Full Plate share!*

*no group site delivery available (except for Fruit Bowl)
*home delivery for Wide Awake and Fruit Bowl only

Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl

The summer fruit share may include strawberries, apricots, cherries, peaches, apples, pears, and more! The winter share may include apples, pears, frozen fruit, and other treats including jam, juice and cider.

SEASONS:  summer and winter

PICKUP OPTIONS:  farm pick-up  |  group site delivery  |  home delivery

Remembrance Farm Yogurt

Joyful, Peaceful, Flo, and their other bovine friends at Remembrance Farm are producing beautiful milk that we're turning into Organic Yogurt for you! Creamy cow milk yogurt in glass jars from our 100% organic and grass-fed herd--nutrient dense, low temp pasteurized, with cream on top.

SEASONS:  summer and winter

PICKUP OPTIONS: farm pick-up (and Press Bay pickup in summer only)

Wide Awake Bakery

Wide Awake Bakery is an award-winning Community Supported Bakery in nearby Mecklenburg where we (Stefan, Audrey, Nick, Cap, and Liz) bake real bread in our unique wood-fired oven. We work in partnership with Oechsner Farms and Farmer Ground Flour to bring you fabulous and delicious bread, cookies, pastries, granola, and pasta made from the finest locally grown and ground organic grains. Yes! Bread!

SEASONS: Summer and Winter

SUMMER OPTIONS:  farm & press bay pick-ups  | home delivery

WINTER OPTIONS:  stick and stone  |  press bay food hub  | home delivery

                                            no group site delivery 

Snow Farm Creamery Cheese


We make raw cow milk cheeses from our family's herd in Brooktondale, NY. We use traditional cheese-making methods to craft handmade cheeses that are deep in flavor and rich in taste. You can choose to receive a 1/2 lb or 1 lb each week during the season. We look forward to making you cheese throughout the year.

For more information about us, check out our website. My email is Aaron at [email protected]

SEASONS:  summer and winter

PICKUP OPTIONS: farm pick-up (and Press Bay pickup in summer only)  |  no delivery

Double E Shiitake Mushrooms

Mike and Jennifer Edmondson of Willseyville provide Full Plate members with great, organically grown shiitake mushrooms. This year the share runs twelve weeks and includes 12 ounces (3/4 lb) of fresh log-grown shiitake mushrooms weekly.  Full and Half size shares available for all your mushroom needs!

SEASONS: Summer only

PICKUP OPTIONS: farm & press bay pick-up  |  no delivery

how it works...

each Side Dish is it's own share, each one is run by a different business

sign up, payment and any questions should go DIRECTLY to the business creating your share

we'll take it from there! we (Full Plate) will collect each of your shares and bring them to your chosen site each week

side dishes do not share our vacation/switcheroo policy, you must pickup at your chosen site

Please note:

Remembrance Farm is considered a Group Site in summer (offering boxed shares) and Farm Pickup in the winter

Press Bay is considered a 'Free Choice' or 'Farm' pickup in summer (hosting one of our pack-your-own pickups) and a Group Site in the winter

more offerings from our farms...

Remembrance Farm Raw Milk

the 100% organic, grass fed and biodynamic Remembrance Farm Dairy is officially up and running! Woohoo!! Raw milk available in 1/2 gallon or 1 gallon weekly shares. Shares are sold in 8 week increments. Due to New York State regulations raw milk is only available for pickup at Remembrance Farm

SEASONS: Sold in 8-week sessions.

PICKUP OPTIONS: pickup at Remembrance Farm in Trumansburg only

Remembrance Farm Meat

organic, grass-fed, biodynamic beef and lamb from our farm in T-burg. We are offering boxes with a variety of cuts (that can fit in your freezer!). Due to New York regulations meat is only available for pickup at Remembrance Farm in Trumansburg

10 lb box for $100  //  25 lb box for $225

Beef - steaks, stew, ground, roasts, ribs, bones
Lamb - chops, kabobs, ground, a rack and leg roasts.

PICKUP OPTIONS: pickup at Remembrance Farm in Trumansburg only