Summer Organic Veggie Share Options

The 2019 CSA runs June to November

~23 weeks of organic food~

June 12 to November 13, 2019

Community Supporter Share members also receive a bonus spring box!

Free Choice Pick-up: Pack your Own

Pick and choose your veggies!  Free Choice allows you to take what your family can eat for the week (please no canning, preserving, high volume juicing, or sharing with non-CSA-members).  The Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl and our other Side Dishes will be available at all Free Choice pick-up locations. You can choose to pick up your share at:

     Stick & Stone Farm (on Rte. 96 just north of Ithaca) on Wednesdays 3-7pm

     Pressbay Alley (116 W. Green St., downtown Ithaca) on Thursdays 4-7pm

     Youth Farm Project @ Three Swallows Farm (23 Nelson Rd. in Danby) on Saturdays 10am-2pm

Group Delivery: Box Share

Pick up your share at local businesses or a neighborhood pick-up site on Thursdays. Or, start your own group delivery site with at least 5 member households.  The farmers choose a selection of each week's produce, pack it in a reusable 1/2 bushel box, and deliver it on Thursdays. The Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl and some of our other Side Dishes can be delivered alongside your vegetable share. 

Thanks to our neighborhood hosts!

Delivery times are our best estimate and may change slightly due to route & weather. Most sites do not have refrigeration so picking up early is the best way to assure your share is fresh!

Good To Go! – Trumansburg, Thursday 10am – 7:30pm, Friday till 5pm

Mama Goose/Mimi's Attic – Thursday 3-6pm, Friday till noon

Sparrows Fine Wine – Thursday 3-9pm, Friday till 6pm

Finger Lakes Reuse – Triphammer Market Place.  Thursday 3-9pm, Friday 9am-noon 

The Piggery – Thursday 3-7pm

Cayuga Heights – Private Residence. Thursday 3-9pm, Friday 8am-noon

College Town – Stewart Little Coop on corner of Buffalo & Stewart. Thursday 3-9pm

Greenstar Collge Town - Thursday 3pm-9pm..

Fall Creek – Private residence on Franklin. Thursday 3-9pm

South Hill – Private residence on Columbia. Thursday 3-9pm

Hasbrouck Apartments – Community Center. Thursday 3-6pm

Manndible Cafe- Cornell Campus, Thursday 3-5pm. Friday 7am-noon

Human Ecology - Forest Home Garage- Cornell Campus, Thursday 3 - Friday till noon

Cornell East Hill Office Building - Thursday 3-6pm. Friday till noon

Vet Research Tower (VRT) - Thursday 3-7pm. Friday till noon. Only available for Vet College staff and students.

Lab or Ornithology - Thursdays 3-7pm. Only available for Lab of O staff. 

Home Delivery: Box Share

Each week on Thursday, we will deliver a farmer-selected, reusable 1/2 bushel boxed share to your home or workplace within the City of Ithaca. The Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl and some of our other Side Dishes can be delivered alongside your vegetable share.

Payment Options

Checks are our preferred method of payment because the credit card fees could be going directly to our farmers!  If you are able to, please consider paying by check rather than credit card.

     Free Choice (farm or Pressbay Alley): $575 - only $25/week!
     Group Box: $605
     Home Box Delivery: $665
     Healthy Food for All: $277
     Community Supporter Share $1200
Welcome back, returning members! Get a $20 discount off if you pay-in-full by March 31st! or, forego your discount, and we'll donate $20 to Healthy Food for All

Installment Plan
Pay a deposit when you sign-up, and four more payments during the season, due June 15th, July 15th, August 15th, and September 15th. A $20 service charge is calculated into the installment plan prices. (If paying by check, we require all 5 checks to be sent at sign up, and Molly will deposit them as they are dated)

     Free Choice: $115 deposit, then four payments of $120
     Group Delivery: $145 deposit, then four payments of $120
     Home Delivery: $205 deposit, then four payments of $120
     Healthy Food for All: $63 deposit, then four payments of $56

Healthy Food for All
We offer a limited (but growing!) number of community subsidized shares for low-income households through the Healthy Food for All program.  You can sign up right here on our website!  Please contact Liz or Amanda at Cornell Cooperative Extension (607.272.2292) for more information

Work-trade Positions
Each season we offer a limited number of work trades in exchange for a CSA share. Working members either focus on the U-Pick garden at Stick & Stone or help the CSA coordinator with distributions. This is a great way to contribute to our local foods community and increase your access to delicious fresh fruits and vegetables! Please email Molly to apply.

Community Supporter Share
Become a premium Full Plate member! One annual payment supports our farmers year round and helps feed your neighbors! $1200 covers both your summer and winter shares (choose any pick-up or delivery options), a bonus spring box of veggies, a tax deductible donation of $100 to Healthy Food for All, and helps support our farmers. 

Vacation & "Life Happens" Policy

Farm PU Members (summer only)
If something comes up last minute, just go to another day's pick up (no need to call or email Molly). and sign the Switcheroo Sheet at the back of the clipboard. We usually have enough of free choice items, but please check in with Molly about limited crops if it is not your regular scheduled pick up. If you can't make it to any of the pick-ups that week, please consider having a friend our house-sitter pick up your share. Its a great way to introduce the CSA concept to a friend!  Or consider giving your share to the food pantry (extras at the end of the distribution will be donated).  If none of those options work for you and you want to hold your share and double up another week, email Molly by Monday at 5pm of the week you will be away. You may hold your share for 2 wks during the summer season. 

Box Share Members
(summer and winter)

Please send Molly an email by Monday at 5pm of the week that you want to hold delivery.
You may double up another week in the season. However, if you are going out of town please consider having a friend our house sitter pick up your share. It's a great way to introduce the CSA concept to a friend!

Your CSA membership includes...

Two U-pick Gardens open to all members

...A weekly bag or box of seasonal organic produce, generally as much as a household of 2 adults (with or with out kids) will eat for each week.  In the summer season, if you pick up your share at one of the farms or our downtown pick-up location, you can pick and choose what you'd like to eat that week from the selection available ("veggie buffet").  If you choose a delivery option, we will carefully pack an assortment of 8-10 different vegetables that are in season.  All winter shares are boxed by the farmers.

...An opportunity to pick your own organic crops (U-Pick) such as herbs, flowers, peas, tomatoes, and more.  U-Pick gardens are grown at Stick and Stone Farm and Youth Farm Project @ Three Swallows Farm.  Crops are open and unlimited to all Full Plate members during daylight hours throughout the season.

...A weekly newsletter that will fill you in on farm happenings, up-coming crops, events, and offer recipe suggestions for each week's vegetables.

...Access to other "side dish" CSAs from other local producers, like the Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl, Wide Awake Bakery, Double E Farm mushrooms, and Black Pearl Creamery.

...An invitation to community events like cooking classes, Harvest Dinners, potlucks, workshops, seasonal celebrations, volunteer opportunities, and educational events on the farm.

...Opportunities to participate in farm life and connect to your food source.

At Stick & Stone:

red currants
black raspberries
various perennial flowers

At Three Swallows Farm AND Stick & Stone:
tomatoes (cherries, heirloom, plum)
hot peppers
herbs (basil, cilantro, dill, parsley, cutting celery, etc)
flowers (zinnias, bells of Ireland, sunflowers, cosmos, etc)