Winter Organic Veggie CSA

12 weeks of local,organic produce!

the winter CSA runs December 4th 2019 - March 4th 2020

general CSA info available here


Winter Share Sign Up

12 week winter organic vegetable share

Winter HFFA Share Sign Up

subsidized winter shares for low income households

Community Supporter Sign Up

One payment to support your farmers year round


What's in a winter share?

Your winter share might include...

fresh salad greens from our year-round high tunnels, root crops (carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, parsnips and more), onions, garlic, potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, pickles and sprouts.


Pick-Up & Delivery Options

We'll pack up a farmer's choice boxed share and deliver it on Thursdays. You can pickup at....

Farm Pick-Up: Box Share

Note: We don't offer free choice farm pickups in the winter season

     Stick & Stone Farm 9am - 9pm Thursday to the following Wednesday

     Remembrance Farm - 9am - 9pm Thursday through the following Wednesday

     Youth Farm Project @ Three Swallows Farm Noon - 9pm Thursday to the following Wednesday

Group Delivery: Box Share

Pick up your share at local businesses or a neighborhood group site. 

Please note: Delivery times are our best estimate and may change slightly due to route & weather. Most sites do not have refrigeration so picking up early is the best way to assure your share is fresh!

Home Delivery: Box Share

We'll happily deliver to your home or workplace within the City of Ithaca or village of T-burg

Add-On Options:

The Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl available for all delivery options.


Pickup Method
 Pay In Full
 Installment Plan
Farm or Pressbay Pickup  (Free Choice)
$135 deposit + two $105 payments
 Group Site Delivery  (Box Share)
$150 deposit + two $105 payments
 Home/Office Delivery  (Box Share)
$180 deposit + two $105 payments
 Healthy Food For All  (any delivery)
$59 deposit + two $55 payments
 Community Supporter  (any delivery)

Payment Options

Pay In Full

Pay your farmers up front

Installment Plan

- Pay a deposit when you sign-up. Installment plan prices include a $10 administrative fee.
- Pay two more payments due December 15th and January 15th

f you're paying on an installment it's as easy as writing all your checks and mailing them at once, just date them for the payment due dates (12/15 and 1/15) and Molly will file them away and deposit them later.

Payment Methods

Pay By Check - We love checks!
We prefer checks because credit card fees could be going directly to our farmers! I

Pay By Paypal
Use the buttons on the sign up page to pay in full or pay your deposit. You can pay installment plan payments on the "Pay My Installment" page.

Pay By EBT at Greenstar
Healthy Food for All members may also pay via EBT (note: you must share every EBT receipt from Greenstar for EBT with Molly). 

Group Delivery Sites


Main Street Market

Thurs. 10am – 7:30pm, Friday till 5pm


Press Bay Court Hallway

Thurs. 3-6pm. Fri 8-noon. Winter Only. 

Mama Goose/Mimi's Attic

Thurs. 3-6pm, Friday till noon

The Piggery 

Thurs. 3-7pm

Sparrows Fine Wine 

Thurs. 3-9pm, Friday till 6pm


Finger Lakes Reuse

Thurs. 3-9pm, Friday 9am-noon 


Cayuga Heights

Thurs. 3-9pm, Friday 8am-noon

EcoVillage - Tree Common House

Thurs. 3-9pm

Fall Creek

Thurs. 3-9pm

South Hill

Thurs. 3-9pm


Stewart Little Coop

Thurs. 3-9pm. On Stewart & Buffalo

Greenstar College Town

Thurs. 3pm-9pm..

Hasbrouck Apartments – Community Center 

Thurs. 3-6pm

Manndible Cafe

Thurs. 3-5pm. Friday 7am-noon

Human Ecology - Forest Home Garage 

Thurs. 3 - Friday till noon

Cornell East Hill Office Building 

Thurs. 3-5pm. Friday till noon


these sites are closed to the general public, 

open only to staff or students

Vet Research Tower (VRT), Cornell

Thurs. 3-7pm. Friday till noon.

Lab of Ornithology, Cornell

Thurs. 3-8pm. Friday till noon.

CFCU, Lansing

Thurs. 3-5pm.

Don't forget, you can always start your own group delivery site with just 5 member households.

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